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    Jiangsu Jiangan Group Suzhou Branch Company was founded on April 30th 2001. It has the first-level qualification for mechanical and electrical installation engineering general contracting, first-level qualifications for chemical oil pipeline equipment installation engineering, steel structure engineering, anti-corrosion insulation engineering contracting, second-level qualifications for housing construction engineering, chemical petroleum engineering construction general contracting, second-level qualifications for fire control facilities engineering, building decoration engineering, intelligent engineering design and construction, third-level qualifications for municipal utilities engineering, power engineering construction general contracting, has boiler, pressure pipeline, lifting machinery, electric power facilities permits etc. special installation qualification and foreign business contract-signing rights, and has passed through IS0900I (GB/T50430), IS014001, GB/T28001 three system certifications. During the enterprise’s rapid development, the company bases day by day long-term, and is in agreement with macro markets, and conducts multidisciplinary development. In order to meet the market demand, on October 13th, 2006, the company established Suzhou Jiangan Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd which has a professional mechanical and electrical installation project construction contract third-level qualification, mainly undertakes industrial and civil building engineering, lighting, power, air conditioning and plumbing works, and also undertakes decoration, antisepsis, heat preservation, clean room engineering and other installation works. Jiangan Company sales at the same time: building, decoration materials and mechanical and electrical products of various major brands, and represent the well-known brand “Haier Central Commercial Air Conditioning” in domestic, and has been authorized by American Rheem Water Heater to be “Suzhou General Agency”.
    Jiangan Company owns various 560 skilled technical-economical staffs. Among them, there are more than 60 first-level and second-level registered constructors. Its construction teams distribute over 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in domestic, and its built projects are famous for their high quality, short time limit for a project, reasonable price and considerate service. Through these advantages, it has achieved good economic efficiency and social honors.
    Company advocates enterprise spirit of “Unity, Responsibility, Realistic, Innovative, Honest and Transcended”, and keeps exploring management system which is suitable for modern enterprise development requirements. Company has established a relatively perfect corporate governance structure, conducts scientific management within company and explores actively for development and management externally. In recent years, it has been awarded dozens of quality engineering awards of the state and province, and has been awarded with “National Outstanding Construction Enterprise”, “National Installation Industry Excellent Enterprises in Quality Management”, “Jiangsu Construction Industry Best Enterprise”, “Jiangsu Construction Industry Top 100 Enterprises”, “Yangzhou Construction Industry Advanced Enterprise”, “Comprehensive Strength Top 10 Enterprises”, “AAA Credit Enterprise”, and “National Guard Contract Heavy Credit Enterprise”.
    Facing future, the company will continue to adhere the idea of “Scientific development”, “Harmonious development” and “Innovative development”. Company will make contribution to the society by new performance and will endeavor to make owner rest assured and let customer satisfaction.


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